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No need to worry here, we can save a contract with the Bolshoi Ballet for another day. This is just about lifting your energy levels and making your heart feel happier. Put some nice music on and have a dance around the living room, on the patio, in your office at work. Hey, and if there is someone else in the office to join you, the more the merrier!  What an energy boost. In fact, if you hop up from your desk at work every 20 minutes and have a 2-minute dance for the rest of your life, you may lower the risk of Diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease, as you are lowering the levels of metflammation in your body, and helping to protect your brain, heart and other vital organs. If some part of your body is in pain when you do this, come and see us at Hip2Toe Plus for a full body assessment, as nothing should ever stand in the way of you and happiness. Life is not a dress rehearsal, we owe it to ourselves to stay fit and happy. Have a beautiful day!