What is your opening hours?

  • We open Tuesdays to Fridays from 8.30 to 5pm; Saturdays 9.30 to 3pm.

Do you have rebates for private health funds at Hip2Toe Plus?

  • Yes, we are the Medibank Private Members choice providers, and provide rebates for Bupa and all private health funds that cover for Podiatry, with instant HICAPS claims on the spot.

What type of training does Dr. Jeremy Hawke (Podiatrist) have?

  • Jeremy has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Podiatry, and has an advanced standing qualification as an Australian prescriber of scheduled medicines, which allows him to write prescriptions for medicines that may be required for your Podiatric medicine treatment and Management programs. This may include medicines for pain relief, antibiotics for infection, anti-inflammatory medicines for injuries, anti-fungal medicines, corticosteroids for Dermatology conditions and ankle/foot injections, and other medicines. He is also trained in Advanced musculoskeletal medicine for all parts of the body, with training in medical acupuncture (dry needling) and Low-level laser therapy. His advanced biomechanics and pathomechanics training allows him to 3D laser scan prescription orthotics for children of all age groups, athletes, Diabetes patients, Osteoarthritic and Rheumatoid arthritis patients. Jeremy has a specialist interest in GlobalHealth, with a Master of International Relations from U.N.S.W. (NSW) He is a member of Sports medicine Australia, and has participated in Martial arts, worked as a Professional dancer, Competitive swimming, Marathon running, Australian rules football, tennis and basketball.

Do I require a referral for Podiatry treatment at Hip2Toe Plus?

  • No, you can make an Initial appointment to see Jeremy without a referral.

Are there any Medicare funding arrangements for Hip2Toe Plus patients?

  • Yes, there are as below:
    1. Department of Veteran’s Affairs referrals from a Doctor allow care for White (for foot conditions) and Gold card holders.
    2. Managed care programs are available for up to 5 visits for those suffering with chronic diseases; through a Managed care plan, we do online claiming after your payment for the Medicare Rebate to be paid directly into your bank account which was registered by you with the Medicare Office.
    3. Closing the Gap funding arrangements for patients who are of Indigenous and Torrens Strait background

What other areas of the body do you treat at Hip2Toe Plus, other than feet?

  • We assess and treat all parts of the body that may have issues that relate to walking and human locomotion, including Advanced musculoskeletal treatments for the shin region, calf muscles, knees, hamstrings, buttock region, hips, lower and upper back, shoulders, arms, elbows, hands, head and neck.

How long are appointments?

  • Appointments range from 40 minutes for an initial visit, to one hour for Complex Initial assessments, which must be requested, and require 24 hours’ notice for cancellation, or cancellation fees may apply.

Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?

  • For orthotic checks, bring your old orthotics. You may have x-rays, ultrasounds, MRI’s or CT scans which apply to your present condition. Sports shoes are also beneficial to bring, and dance shoes/Pointe shoes for dance specific injuries/assessments.

What is an orthotic device?

  • An orthotic is a device which creates a change in your foot function, or your Biomechanics. It requires advanced study at University to prescribe foot orthotics. This is required, as you are altering each step you take, which is often over 3 million steps per year. Private health funds provide rebates for these devices, based on the medical evidence that relates to the pathologies and issues being treated. (Evidence based medicine).

What are some of the other conditions that Jeremy can diagnose and treat?

Heel pain (heel spurs)
Arch pain
Metatarsal (toe) pain
Leg and foot fatigue
Shin splints
Runner’s knee
Iliotibial band pain
Low back pain and upper back pain
Foot ulcers
Diabetic management
Ingrown toenails
Achilles tendonitis

Please check the details in our services page plus the blogs.

   Our Address:  Suite 2, 600 Bruce Hwy Woree (Calanna Health Centre) facing Sondrio St. opposite the park