3D Laser scanned Prescription orthotics

At Hip2Toe Podiatry we only use the worlds latest 3D laser scanning for our Prescription foot orthotics. There are many benefits including:

  • 99% accuracy in the scan of your foot.
  • All 3D scanning and foot analysis carried out with the latest scanning technology.
  • Highest orthotic comfort levels and support of your foot structure.
  • Use of the latest research for prescribing orthotics.
  • The use of the latest digital computer controlled Cad cam manufacturing equipment.
  • We have zero tolerance for uncomfortable orthotics.
  • Our orthotic prescription is accompanied by exercise prescription where required, and physical therapy programs to improve outcomes and get you more comfortable as soon as possible.
  • All orthotics are produced from advanced world leading digital software.

An orthotic is a device which allows us to correct your foot function, to reduce the ongoing potential for undesirable forces generated by the feet, to lead to soft tissue, muscle and bone injury. All our patients are carefully assessed through physical examination and diagnosis, before orthotics are prescribed.

All of our biomechanical assessment and orthotic prescribing techniques ensure that the orthotic device you are wearing will allow the highest comfort and durability standards available. Our university trained Podiatrists have specialist interest in and are experienced in treating sports injuries, children, arthritis patients and patients with Diabetes. Watch Video

At Hip2Toe we have a zero tolerance of uncomfortable orthotics. Your trust in us to create a new biomechanical position to walk in is based on 22 years of experience prescribing orthotics. Each and every prescription is written for your foot only, designed in a totally custom fashion, using world class 3D laser scanning, and the best University level biomechanics and Patho mechanics to back up your orthotic treatment program. The relationship between bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons is crucial, for an orthotic device that will alter each and every one of your one million plus steps per year. Our selection of only the best quality polymers to construct your orthotic, ensure your ongoing comfort. Our Laboratory digitally manufactures world class orthotics, that all of Australia’s private health funds recognise as evidence based podiatric medical orthotics, that attract a yearly rebate due to their crucial importance in Podiatric medicine. We can literally design orthotics to fit in most styles of closed in shoes, including:

  • Court shoes and closed in sketch type shoes.
  • Higher heel shoes with backs in them.
  • Children’s shoes, including sports shoes, sandals and school shoes.
  • Orthotic sandal shoes with removable insoles to fit the orthotic in.
  • Running shoes and sports shoes, including soccer, tennis, rugby, Netball, Baseball, hiking, cricket, Hockey boots and shoes, etc.
  • Men’s business shoes.
  • Duty shoes for Nurses, Chefs, waiters, medical staff, Fireman, miners, and trade professionals.

Prescription foot orthotics can make a big difference in your daily comfort levels, and can actually result in a reduction of many deformities taking place in the feet over the years. Please feel free to make an appointment to come in and have an orthotic assessment done. During this appointment we will take a full medical, medicines and sport history from you, and carry out any necessary Vascular, neurological, dermatological and biomechanical examination required. You will then be given options for orthotic therapy, if the appointment deems them as being clinically relevant and the best intervention for you. Prescription orthotics require a 3D laser scan, which gathers hundreds and thousands of vital pieces of information in 2.4 seconds, to create a 3 dimensional model of your foot to accompany your prescription to our Laboratory. Orthotics normally take 7 business days to make, but a shorter 3 day return can be arranged for a small fee. Please ring us today and see what we base our reputation on, intimate and personal podiatric medicine management, on a first name basis.

Examples of our orthotic patient areas of expertise include:

  • Podopaediatrics, being little feet from 12 months old to teenagers.
  • Sports orthotics, for treating sports injuries and preventing sports injuries.
  • Arthritis treatment orthotics for managing Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Gout and other arthropathies.
  • Diabetes orthotics, for maintaining structural considerations in the presence of Diabetes.
  • Orthotics for senior members of the community, to help prevent falls.
  • Occupational podiatric medicine for improving work place performance and safety.
  • Orthotics for general wear for preventing fatigue and deformity in the feet.

Types of conditions treated with 3D Laser scanned orthotics

Heel pain

Severs disease

Plantar fasciitis

Arch pain this is.

Knee pain

Structure protection in obesity.

Osgood Schlatters disease.

Perthes disease.

Back pain

Achilles tendinitis

Ankle pain

Running orthotics.

Sports performance enhancement


Morton’s neuroma

Osteoarthritis pain

Rheumatoid arthritis pain

Bunion pain

Hallux limitus

Sinus tarsi syndrome

Shin splints

Hip pain

Sports injury prevention.

Hammer toes

Mallet toes


Cerebral Paulsey

Peripheral vascular disease

Foot wound risk reduction.

Falls prevention.

Safety boot comfort.

Duty shoe comfort.

Accident and trauma rehabilitation.

Muscle cramping

Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is carried out by podiatrists in order to study Human motion, to allow correct examination and diagnosis of foot pain or deformity, and to analyse the potential effects that your particular walking style may have, on your future walking requirements. Jeremy is able to carry out analysis of your working style in the surgery, and incorporates this study into his treatment recommendations.

Correct gait analysis can be vitally important in the following examples:

Children’s Gait: Anatomically and physiologically children are not tiny adults. Bones and still going through development stages that Jeremy is trained to understand, and different anatomical and physiological development stages can have a large influence on foot and lower limb symptoms.

Sports Gait: The requirements of the amateur or professional sports person regarding foot function are extremely important. Without correct gait analysis, a large percentage of patients are exposing themselves to potentially serious injury or chronicity in their foot problems. Jeremy has carried out advanced training in this area, with over 15 years experience with a diverse range of sports patients in the amateur and professional arena.

Diabetes Gait Analysis: Due to the very small blood vessels in the feet, similar pathologies experienced in complications affecting the small blood vessels of the eye and kidney can develop. When human gait problems affecting the feet are taking place in the presence of Diabetes Mellitus, the potential consequences can be limb threatening or life threatening. Jeremy has advanced training in the management of all podiatric medicine disciplines, that relate to Diabetes care relating to gait analysis and diabetes education pertaining to the feet.

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