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Very often physical therapy is overlooked, following injury in sport, work or at home. Our discussion here today is about the values of physical therapy at our Cairns podiatry surgery. The value of physical therapy should not be overlooked. An example, at Hip2Toe Plus Cairns, we will arrange a physical therapy management program following a sprained ankle. The value of modalities such as therapeutic ultrasound and compression bandaging, in addition to x-ray if there is any risk of fracture, will assist in reducing swelling and making damaged soft tissue more comfortable. Rest ,ice ,compression and elevation are also most beneficial. The requirements for allowing full range of motion to return again are most important. In this situation we would give you exercises to help return the range of motion again, and give you proprioceptive exercises to re-orientate the joint range of motion in space and time again. Programs of rehabilitation exercises to gradually build strength back into the supporting muscles takes place. Depending on how the injury took place, we also carry out lower limb biomechanical assessment, to establish what anatomical, physiological, biomechanical or muscular reasons may have contributed to the injury. Another physical therapy benefit can be the preventative role it has in stopping chronic conditions from developing. Very often lower limb injuries can become worse, if they are not managed professionally. At Hip2Toe Plus Cairns, we are fully trained in physical therapy techniques pertaining to the lower limb, and can fully manage your rehabilitation of sports, work and home injuries to the foot and lower limb.

Another physical therapy example is where there has been a history of cramping or pain in the calf area of the lower limb. Very often what has happened is that certain muscle groups in the area have gone into spasm, and may very well develop into painful cramps. Sometimes the bones in the feet can be pulled into positions that are biomechanically inefficient, due to one of these cramped muscles. Cramping like this can decrease circulation to the lower limb, which can be problematic and should therefore be examined. We carry out a Hip2Toe Lower limb muscle assessment at our practice. We are then able to recommend a treatment plan that includes physical therapies such as massage, manipulation and Myofascial trigger point release, low lever laser therapy (please see details about this new treatment in our services page). As these techniques are very specialized, we need you to come in to see us, so we can carry out an assessment for you. Very often our patients comment that they have had these pains for many years, and that they are surprised what a difference they feel once treatment has been carried out. Normally after 3-6 treatments, the outcome is very positive. If any other treatment recommendations or 3 monthly assessments are required, we can tell you when you come in.
On some occasions we will physically strap bones in the foot into a better biomechanical position, and allow injured tissues in the feet some time in a more supported position. Strapping of the foot can be an excellent part of your treatment plan and recovery. An example of where this is very helpful is when heel pain has caused chronic pain, and our techniques of strapping can give you up to 3 days of supported comfort, allowing a rest to tissues such as the plantar fascia insertion into the calcaneus bone. So, whenever considering physical therapy for your foot or lower leg, come and see us at Hip2Toe Plus Cairns and we can tailor a program for your short, medium and long term treatment plans. Remember that there are alternatives in pain management, and we can explore them with you. If you are more comfortable, then it is easier to exercise, and by exercising you are often improving the long term outcomes of certain conditions.
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