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Whether you are competing in sport or preparing for a running or triathlete event, injury or pain can present with challenges to your training.  As a marathoner, swimmer and former professional dancer I share your desire for high levels of fitness training and aiming for perfection. Aiming at a pain free performance is important, to allow you to function at your best level. The benefits of injury prevention and pain management with podiatric medicine in your portfolio include:


  • Reducing lost training time
  • Continuing to participate and enjoy your chosen activity or sport.
  • Avoiding chronic pain.
  • Understanding when it is better to return to your full activity or training level.
  • And getting the most effective portfolio of management options for your chosen sport.

As a professional member of sports medicine Australia, I represent an organization devoted to bringing the best levels of evidence-based injury management to you.

WE can provide full biomechanical examination, study of your locomotion quality, 3D laser scanned prescription foot orthotics, foot, knee, ankle and pelvic examinations, with full body musculoskeletal therapy relating to locomotion, including dry needling, low level laser and scheduled medicine prescriptions.

I am Dr. Jeremy Hawke (Podiatrist) and thank you for joining us at Hip2Toe for our chair side discussion.  Loving your chosen sport or activity has required a large amount of dedication, bravery and courage.  We congratulate you for this. Stay focused and have a great day!