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Good day my name is Dr Jeremy Hawke (podiatrist), from the Hip2Toe Plus Education think tank. This is a studio for health change. I am going to introduce a number of health subjects to assist you in the awesome job you are already doing.

There has never been a time where I would be given the chance to share with you what I have to tell you today. You are the brightest people on the planet, and I hope to continue to lead you in the direction to make sure that your health backs up your brightness.

I’m going to take you on a journey that is going to help you understand some of the pitfalls that you may fall into, that may limit your ability to continue on doing the fantastic things that you’re doing with your life right now. We are going to look at different areas of your health and some of these areas include the following

  • Your present level of Activity.
  • The quality of your cardiovascular system which includes your heart and all the blood vessels throughout your body
  • The quality of your thinking in relation to your health
  • Your opinions and thoughts regarding your present weight and the influence has on your future
  • The dangers of hypertension, (otherwise known as high blood pressure) and the risk of developing Type II diabetes

Many of these things you no doubt have heard of many times before however hearing about them and being able to act on what you are told are very often two different things. What we need is a plan to take us in a direction that is going to show over time, an improvement in our quality of life based on the decisions we make relating to the changed direction in life.

I plan to put you in the driver seat of that change, and I want to follow you through in the short medium and long-term, to see what improvements you notice; not only in your everyday health, but your happiness and your contentment and your fulfilment and feeling of joy that you get from doing your work, which at the end of the day no matter what you think,  you have put a lot of effort into moving in a direction that was going to change your opportunities, but now we need a direction to take your dreams and meld your dreams and opportunities together with your standard of health.

I am going to ask you to remember the following statement: “Life is NOT a dress rehearsal”.  Take joy in knowing that you are truly the commander of your own ship, and you will sail it through the stormiest of seas in these difficult times, but you will surprise yourself when you look back in 12 months and see how far you have travelled. Welcome aboard your ship Commander and Trail Blazer, your future will not wait, today we will plant the seeds, tomorrow you will reap the crops that you sow. Welcome aboard!