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It is worth considering the small changes you can make in your daily activity levels, to help control your weight. People will often think more about trying to lose weight, rather than just making sure they do not put more weight on. On a global health scale, the World health organization experts on the subject of obesity now agree that no matter what your weight is, it is absolutely better for your health to not be putting more weight on, even if you are having difficulty taking weight off. Getting up from a sitting position every 20 minutes and going for a 2 minute walk is a great way to start working on this weight control principle. If you do this in a day where you are sitting for 8 hours (very common) that will be 2 minute times 3 times 8 hours which equals 48 extra minutes of walking per day, without even having to break out in a sweat! That’s about 150 calories of energy consumed. It would take you 15-20 minutes running quite quickly around a sports oval to burn that many calories. Yet with such a simple change to your activity throughout the day, you can make an enormous impact over a twenty year period. In my recently published book “Lets learn about Power of Activity” I discuss strategies to blend higher activity levels into your day to assist in reducing the higher risk levels for developing chronic diseases, such as Type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiac disease, including heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. Low activity levels have been identified as being one of the largest factors influencing the risk of accelerated chronic disease. The book is available at our surgery – Hip2toe (our Cairns podiatry outlet for the book), and also available at Cairns Books (Cairns Central Shopping Centre), Collins Booksellers at Smithfield shopping centre, and can be ordered in hard copy or as a Kindle eBook from Amazon. If you buy the book from Amazon, you can write a review on the book, which I would certainly appreciate. Activity is without doubt one of the best medicines I can prescribe to you, to assist in lowering the risk of chronic disease, which I have only mentioned some of the major ones above. Remember, prevention is always better than looking for a cure. We only have our own body to live in, so we must take care of it and give it the attention it deserves from a good portfolio of interesting and rewarding activity. Please come and see us, or feel free to contact us through our website . We look forward to hearing from you.