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Travel to Cairns Far North Queensland can bring you in touch with some of the most beautiful nature on the planet. Cairns rainforest meets the water in the city centre, where you can take in the joys of a gorgeous mountainous harbour front. Preparing for your holiday to Cairns is important, as you want to remain as comfortable as possible, while walking around the beautiful destinations. If you have a history of back, hip, knee or foot and ankle pain, Dr. Jeremy Hawke (Podiatrist) at Hip2Toe Podiatry Cairns, has some preparation advice for you. Far too often we come on holiday without the correct physical preparation, to take in the long days of sight-seeing on our feet. As you know, the foot function while walking can lead to a lot of ankle, knee, hip and back pain. Very often we spend up to ten hours a day sitting, which can be our combined work hours and leisure hours. Very often this leads to weakness in the postural muscles that allow you to stand and walk well. Jeremy suggests that you do not spend more than 20 minutes in a seated position but rise from sitting and have a 2 minute walk. If you do this over a 10 hour period throughout the day, you will have got 60 minutes of high quality walking in, without even raising a sweat in the gym. Your postural muscles include the abdominal muscles, back muscles, iliopsoas muscles in the hip region and many other groups of muscles as we walk. If you follow this program for 2-8 weeks before your holiday, you will help to prepare your body for the lovely sites to see in Cairns and the Far North Queensland region. Jeremy is publishing his 1st book this month regarding activities, which further discusses the benefits of lowering the risk of chronic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, being overweight, high blood pressure and other cardiac problems. As all of these examples of chronic disease can impact on the function of the feet, higher activity levels are recommended in his book for people to develop in sustainable ways, to further avoid chronic disease and have a better quality of life. So before you come to Cairns, you commence Jeremy’s recommendations to help prevent any of the above pain. You can visit Jeremy at Hip2Toe Podiatry.