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One of the most important things to remember about sport shoes, is that they must be correctly chosen for the specific activity you will carry out in them. Running shos may create problems for your feet, if you attempt to use them for sports that involve changing direction rapidly.

The reason is that most running shoes are designed to give you maximum support when travelling in a forward direction, and may prevent the foot from changing direction rapidly. This could for instance, put excessive and unwanted strain on the ankle ligaments.

Secondly, there is a high risk of injury to the feet and the lower limb, if you are exercising in worn out runners. I can nearly hear you saying “Well I have only had them for two years and the bottom of the shoe still looks pretty good!” Well in fact, if you are consistently wearing a sports shoe on a two to three times a week basis, it may be only giving you adequate support for around 4-6 months. After this period the ability to support the foot in the required way will be greatly reduced. Best to come in and have an exercise consultation to analyse your activity level and your present health status in relation to your feet, and check that you are not exposing yourself to any potential sports injury risk, that may otherwise be avoided. Remember, sport is to be enjoyed, and injuries can impact on your social and work life, and also your ability to continue certain sporting activities. We can also assess you and recommend the best sports foot wear for the specific sporting activity you are involved in.

Thirdly, certain shoes that are not giving the required support to your feet, may benefit from the inclusion of a prescription foot orthotic, to allow your foot added biomechanical support, when your foot demands are increased, during certain strenuous sporting activities. Prescription foot orthotics can greatly reduce the chance of injuries in the feet and lower limbs, as well as reducing the chance of deformities in the structure of bones and soft tissues.