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The economic burden of chronic disease is a major concern of states around the globe. Measuring the performance of funds allocated for health leads to many fiscal policy discussions. It is for this reason that I wish to introduce you to my recently published book. The power of activity discussed in the book and its role in preventing chronic disease is evidence based, with thanks to the wonderful research carried out by medical scientists around the world. My interest in global healthcare led me to completing a Master of Arts in International relations. I am an endorsed prescriber of scheduled medicines for podiatric medicine in Australia, with a diverse career as a foot doctor, in the provision of chronic disease health care for a wide range of chronic diseases displaying podiatric medicine conditions in the foot, ankle, lower limbs, knees, hips and back., including but not limited to Diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, obesity and chronic pain.

My new book is a valuable tool for populations to have evidence based research in an easily readable form for their families and loved ones. It is a step in the direction of populations taking steps to self-responsibility for their own thoughts and actions concerning their health care. I believe that by starting from the youngest members of the family, education about the principles included in this book, cannot fail in assisting in the reduction of government spending on health care. Changes in health policy require stringent policy implementation and management, but also measurement and accountability. “Let’s learn about Power of Activity” available at Hip2toe (our Cairns Podiatry practice), or as an eBook. My book offers chapters on the topic including planning for success in activity, investment in posture and health, what activities to have in your mix, the benefits of activity for social networks, activity for children and grandchildren, falls prevention through activity and many other chapter subjects. You can find my book through, just by entering my name or the title of the book. If you wish to purchase bulk orders of the book, we can arrange a reduced price by contract, including shipping.

My previous career before being a Podiatrist was as a professional ballet dancer and also as a committed squad swimmer, marathon runner and golf player. These sports have given me direct contact with the power of activity. As a podiatrist with specialist interest in sports medicine, I have treated state, national and international athletes as a Sports medicine Australia professional member Podiatrist. I am able to assist in the prevention of chronic disease through international lecture circuits by arrangement, to political delegations and transnational corporations, and tailor presentations to your government or corporate requirements. Quotes are available by contacting us at Please do not hesitate in contacting us for further information regarding our companies role in preventative health education for reducing chronic disease burdens on governments and corporation staff. Now is the time to act. The Hip2Toe team thanks you for your interest and may you go joyfully, in safety and peace in the new year!