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Falls can take place at any age and any time. In senior years the risk is higher, but prevention is the key to good management. Whenever you are walking your concentration should be completely on walking. The reason is simple. If we are distracted by other thoughts while walking, our brain is unable to convert from the thought process over to the emergency at hand. So, you can end up on the ground wondering what happened before you even realize that you were about to fall. With age, the danger of more fragile bones due to osteoporosis can exist. The danger of fractures will be higher in this case, and presents serious risk. At Hip2Toe Plus we can tailor management plans for falls prevention. These can include interventions such as mobilization of bones and setting exercise programs to help lower the risk of falling. We can advise on the role of orthotic therapy and selection of shoes, and can assist with timely referral to other specialists when required. Never underestimate the seriousness of falls, and remember that significant reduction in the danger of falls can take place with early management.