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Is this your Podiatrist? Talking about burning / stabbing pain in the ball of the foot?

Forefoot Pain Serie one


Morton’s neuroma

Today we are going to talk about a condition referred to as Morton’s neuroma, a name used for a condition that can cause high levels of pain just above the toes, which feels like a deep burning and often throbbing pain, sometimes sharp and stabbing, that can lead to missed nights of sleep or at least interrupted sleep. This is one of the most commonly misdiagnosed forefoot conditions, which can leave people suffering for long periods of time, even years.  There is a fibrous enlargement of the nerves travelling between bones in the front of the foot called metatarsals, and takes place up close to the metatarsal heads, deep between them. There are nerve sheaths that can become thickened, swollen and inflamed.  The pain is felt more often when walking. It is very common between the third and fourth toes.  Tighter shoes tend to make the pain worse.  They are more common over the age of 50, and 4 times more common in women.  Dr Jeremy Hawke(Podiatrist)  will carry out a specialised examination of the painful region, and make management recommendations that can include:

  • Radiological investigations. (May include x-ray and ultrasound, which are normally bulk billed to Medicare)
  • Analgesic or anti-inflammatory medicine prescription. (If required after assessment).
  • A course of low level laser therapy as alternative analgesia and management of the inflammation.
  • Dry needling with acupuncture needles, to assist with pain levels and pathology management. (Not particularly painful to have this region needled).
  • Assessment for a prescription foot orthotic, which is a device manufactured following 3D laser scanning and video gait analysis, these can be rushed and made in a few days if necessary, in a world class digital cad cam laboratory.
  • Exercise and strengthening programs to address reduced range of motion in other areas of the body that affect foot function.
  • Shoe advice to help relieve pressure on the painful region.
  • Stress management and exercise program management that may be related to or exacerbating the condition.
  • Immersion therapy techniques for improving vascular perfusion in the affected tissues.
  • Assessment for a corticosteroid injection, which can be prescribed and carried out by Jeremy.

It is important to have this type of pain assessed by a foot doctor, as early detection of the condition can make it easier to manage and help reduce further development of the condition. If you have had this condition for some time, we can assist you in managing the Morton’s neuroma, and help lower the pain levels. Please contact Hip2Toe Plus by phoning (07)40543330 Tuesdays to Saturdays or requesting an appointment on our contacts page at , and we will arrange an appointment to assess you.