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Does your child have any of the following areas of concern?

Pigeon toed walk.

Flat feet when walking.

Lower limb pain, including knee pain.

Ingrown nails and skin problems.

Knocked kneed walking style.

Intoe and out toe appearance of foot position while walking.

Toe walking style of walking.

Then a visit to see me would be advised where there is either:
Uneven shoe wear, tripping or falling occurring, skin or toe nail problems, lumps or bumps present on the feet, or pain in the lower limbs and feet. I am also able to advise on shoe recommendations.

On your first visit to Jeremy your child will have an examination and history taken, with a complete examination of the pain that your child has been experiencing. As children are genetically predisposed to their bone shape, they may have signs and symptoms that relate to familial histories. As bones continue to develop, it is important to have early problems with the growing foot examined, as this may help prevent potential foot, ankle, knee, hip and back problems later in life. Strengthening exercises and prescription foot orthotics may be required, to make alterations in your Childs walking pattern, while they are growing. As the foot goes through growth spurts, orthotics may require review and updating.