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3D Laser prescription foot orthotics have many unseen benefits:

  • By prescribing changes in your foot biomechanical function, Dr. Hawke (Podiatrist) can manufacture an orthotic that helps prevent further injury, from your nose down to your toes. This is one of the unseen benefits that protects your bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and blood vessels throughout your body, for what is often over 3 million steps per year. You are able to trust that the most advanced prescribing techniques are made available for the investment into your preventative health management.
  • Orthotic devices may need to be worn in a wide range of shoes. We make the smallest and most streamlined orthotics to fit into court and high heel shoes. We can make duty shoe orthotics for nurses, chefs, flight attendants and teachers, etc. They can also be totally invisible in a pair of specially made open sandals, that allow lovely fashion statements to continue to be expressed in every Far North Queensland step you take. For sport shoes and steel cap boots we are able to build the sturdy high performance orthotic that will allow you to push them to the extreme.
  • Did you know orthotics do not have to be really hard? We have access to the finest polymers and orthotic materials in the world, and they can become part of your orthotic, hard or soft. You, Ferrari and the space shuttle can all have the use of carbon fibre in common, which allows the thinnest and strongest materials to be used, but still allow the flexibility for that lovely comfortable ride.
  • We keep your expenses down by a reduction of over 50% in the price of an additional pair of orthotics. We know some people must have at least 2 pairs of orthotics, so you can comfortably arrive at that business meeting dressed accordingly, and get that workout in on the way to or from work, and know that you are being protected in that professionally prescribed position. The 2nd pair can either be ordered on the day, or ordered within 3 months after the 1st pair.
  • Orthotics must be comfortable. It is one of our company policies to have a zero tolerance for uncomfortable orthotics. You need to be able to walk out of our surgery, confident that your orthotics will continue to serve you in a comfortable, efficient and safe way. This is another way orthotics help to prevent injury, as you need to want to wear them as they have been prescribed to you, for your diagnosed conditions.
  • When orthotics assist you to allow higher levels of athletic performance, this has a very important effect on your circulatory health. As you exercise, the velocity of your blood cells increases through your blood vessels, which are lined in endothelial cells. The stress shearing effect that takes place in these endothelial cell walls as the blood cells shear past them (Up to and often over 100,000 KM of them throughout your body), leads to an increase in the endothelial cell wall metabolism, which gives your cardiac health a boost and is essential in preventing ongoing risks of heart disease. Your regular exercise also helps to keep your blood sugar levels down, fat levels down, and assist in keeping your weight stable.
  • As your feet are more comfortable, you concentrate on the things that you do best, and know that your whole posture is being corrected, every step of your day.
  • We aim at ensuring that your access to the highest standards of podiatric medicine allows your orthotics to give you the very best of service. Please contact our surgery on (07)40543330 or see our website at

Have a wonderful day from the Hip2Toe team!