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At Hip2Toe Plus, Dr. Jeremy Hawke (Podiatrist) can carry out pain relief treatment without requiring the use of needles, using a procedure called iontophoresis. Specialised equipment for iontophoresis is used to deliver a pain free dose of corticosteroid to the heel pain region, to reduce the inflammation in the affected tissues.

This procedure allows medicines of ionic charge to be administered with specialised iontophoresis equipment. The risks of adverse effects from corticosteroid delivery are significantly reduced with iontophoresis, as the medicine is delivered to the treated region, avoiding most of the systemic adverse reaction risks, as exposure to the rest of the body is kept at a minimum.  The treatment is not painful, you may feel a warm sensation with some tingling. It normally takes 4 treatments to notice significant reduction in pain.  Not only can plantar fasciitis be treated this way, but Achilles tendon pain, posterior heel pain, tibialis posterior tendinitis, ankle pain, knee pain, are  among many other conditions that can  be treated. In the case of plantar heel pain, injections to this region can be very painful, and not requiring a needle to treat the region avoids this pain. We treat amateur and profession level athletes with iontophoresis also.  Please contact our surgery on (07)40543330 to arrange an iontophoresis assessment or visit our website at to arrange an appointment call.