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An ingrown nail can be extremely painful, and can result in you having much lower levels of activity, and often interfere with proper foot function. Sometimes ingrown nails are caused by ill fitting shoes and sometimes they can be caused by incorrect cutting of nails. It is crucially important to have an ingrown nail correctly examined, and as a podiatrist I am able to examine the nail, establish whether there is any inflammation or infection present, and organise a treatment plan to ensure that your return to a normal level of activity is carried out as soon as possible. We can carry out your ingrown nail examination at Hip2Toe Podiatry, at our Cairns Podiatry surgery. Very often it is necessary to find out why the ingrown grown nail is forming and put in place a treatment plan to ensure that the ingrown nail doesn’t return again. It is much better to treat the affected nail conservatively at first, and consider long-term surgical correction if it is required in future. Sometimes nail that appears to be ingrown, in actual fact is not. Very often the shape of the nail can influence the pain present, and sometimes there may be little corns present down the side of the nail in the nail sulcus. So, come and see me and we will carefully examine the nail, and treat the area with as little discomfort to you possible. If you require an anaesthetic, I am able to give you one, but very often this is not required. For further information and a movie, visit our podiatry services section.