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How you feel about exercise has a lot to do with whether you can keep sticking to your plans. It’s very important not to be too hard on yourself. Select a portfolio which suits you, and try to keep a good mix of activities to keep you interested. If you have occasional days where you just feel too low on motivation or energy, be kind to your heart. Take a well-deserved break, and come back to your already established routine with new vigour and interest. If you are having pain, come and see us at Hip2Toe Plus, and we will assess and manage the pain for you. Being active is extremely important for our long-term prevention of chronic diseases. We need activity in our life for optimum health. Celebrate life. Life is good, and we wish you great health and joy from all your exercise and activity endeavours. If you would like to read more about activity, my book “Lets learn about Power of Activity”, by Dr. Jeremy Hawke (Podiatrist) is available in hard copy or eBook anywhere in the world from, or Google the link. We have had high praise for the book, and many Authors have told us they are reading the book for the third or fourth time. It is also available in hard copy from our surgery Hip2Toe Plus in Cairns, Far North Queensland. Enjoy!