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Heel pain can have negative impacts on our happiness levels, when pain is extreme daily. It is not uncommon for high levels of stress and even depression to take place, when your daily activities are so influenced by pain. Often work days are missed.

At Hip2Toe in Cairns, you can be assessed for corticosteroid injections with the following benefits:

  • Corticosteroid heel injection can be given without pain.
  • This is done by giving a nerve block injection, so you do not feel the heel injection. (The block rarely causes much discomfort).

We would request that you bring any radiology results with you.

When severe pain has been present for over 6 months, the chronic nature of the pain makes it very important to lower it as quickly as possible. Dr. Jeremy Hawke(Podiatrist) is endorsed to prescribe scheduled medicines by the Podiatry Board of Australia. There is no requirement to go backwards and forwards to your GP for prescriptions for the injection.

Please ring our surgery for an appointment to be assessed for this procedure, or after hours you can send us an email through our website, with a request for your preferred day. Please let us know if you are flying from interstate or overseas, so we can advise you how to reach our surgery most efficiently.

You may have heard of some stories about the extraordinary levels of pain felt when having these injections. This does not have to be the case. The only difference is the cost of the additional nerve block, which is $80.00, and the additional time required by the Doctor. As these injections, can be a very important part of recovering from pain such as plantar fasciitis at the calcaneal insertion, it is well worthwhile part of podiatric medicine management.  Assessment for your suitability for the procedure is required. In addition, we offer low level laser therapy, 3D laser orthotics, gentle bone mobilization and dry needling with acupuncture needles. Pain relief can also be prescribed if deemed necessary.