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Have you noticed any yellowing and thickening in your toe nails? You may be wondering if this is caused by a fungal infection. Sometimes it is. At Hip2Toe Podiatry Cairns we are able to take a specimen of nail and have it analysed in a pathology laboratory for you. They will be able to confirm the presence of fungal infection. There is no point spending large amounts of money on treatment, if a pathology laboratory has not confirmed the presence of fungal infection. Dr. Hawke(Podiatrist) is endorsed to prescribe scheduled medicines by the Podiatry Board of Australia. If there is a fungal infection in the nail, he is qualified to write a prescription if required, to treat the fungal infection in the nail. He is one of the first Podiatrists out of over 600 Podiatrists in Queensland, to have this Advanced training to prescribe scheduled medicines. Ring our surgery now if you would like to arrange further assessment of your nails, on 40543330.