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When bones are unable to work in their normal range of motion, foot pain will often take place. Mobilisation of feet can be effectively used, to reduce knee pain, hip pain, and back pain. Poor posture can often be a result of poor foot function. The reasons for this are not all ways totally obvious at first. But the function of the lower limb bones and foot bones will often have a very large effect on posture. Very often the distribution of weight between both feet is affected, and the resulting strain on one particular foot can be very large. At Hip2Toe podiatry at our Cairns podiatry surgery, we will carry out a full examination and assessment of your lower limb and your foot bones, to establish exactly what incorrect function may be taking place in these bones. This is not a painful procedure to have mobilisation of the bones carried out. But correct function of these bones can very often only take place when mobilisation is used to correct their function. Changes can very often be noticed after one treatment, and sometimes additional treatments are required to improve foot and lower limb function. Were able to carry these mobilisations on children, adults and the elderly. Very often in competitive sports, bones can have their correct biomechanical function affected and result in poor athletic performance. Very often with a set of mobilisation appointments, athletic performance can be improved. So please come and see a see us at Hip2Toe Podiatry, and we shall work towards getting you back to the more functional and more comfortable gait or walking style, as soon as possible. Jeremy Hawke has had over 17 years of advanced musculoskeletal training, addressing sports injuries, workplace injuries, accident and trauma podiatric medicine, and treatment of conditions relating to arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, diabetes, and general medicine conditions relating to podiatric medicine.