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By using acupuncture needles at our Cairns podiatry surgery, we are able to release areas of muscle spasm taking place at Myofascial trigger points.

You may have had trouble climbing down stairs or crouching into low cupbards for many years, or felt unsteady on your feet while walking. Radiating hip pain and groin pain may also be experienced when certain limb muscles are experiencing trigger points.

By carrying out an assessment at our Cairns podiatry surgery, we are able to examine you and establish which regions you are having Myofascial regional pain in, and over a series of appointments we are able to reduce these muscle spasms, and work towards a more favorable outcome.

Often many years of different tests and visits to numerous specialists has taken place prior to this therapy. So please give us a ring and make an assessment appointment. Bring a loose pair of shorts to allow examination of the hip region down.. This treatment is also ideal for practitioners who have experience in the evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic pain disorders as well as those clinicians who are seeking alternative, immediate and effective treatment options for the athletic population.

Many occupational and sports injuries may have previously not responded to other forms of therapy. We have a wide experience in treating muscle injuries and dealing with falls prevention strategies. Our experience in the area of looking after athletes and occupational related injuries, has taken place over a 17 year period.