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Orthotics are all about giving the foot architecture the structural support it needs. Sometimes vital structures in the feet need support, such as bones, ligaments, and joints. Nerve and blood vessel function can further be compromised in some people’s feet. Our patients start from very young children up to senior patients. A very careful biomechanical examination is required to see if you are one of the people who need a prescription for orthotics. It is quite similar to have a prescription for glasses by an Optometrist. Every patient is different. Some people need them, and some people don’t.

What sort of things indicate that I might need prescription orthotics?

You may be experiencing aching in your feet or certain joints, or you may be experiencing injuries in the feet, ankles, knees or back, that are caused or contributed to by compromised foot function. If you are having difficulty walking, a correctly prescribed orthotic may be beneficial.  Our investigations include biomechanical & gait examinations, and sometimes vascular and neurological function study; and radiology when required.

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