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An optimist once said “see the glass as half full, not half empty.” I know, you have heard that before. Do you believe it? Feet are very much like your eyes, kidneys and heart, as they all have minutely sized blood vessels. The specialists who look after these areas share the same dedication and passion, to maintaining optimal health of these parts of the body as I do for feet.

As a podiatrist and educator of diabetes pertaining to lower limb and foot function, I can teach you why maintaining blood sugar levels between the parameters is recommended & will facilitate in reducing the risk of developing complications associated with poor blood sugar level control. We will enter a life relationship of evidence based medicine, to ensure you are given the best possible chance to avoid vascular and neurological changes in the feet.

By having an assessment with me, you will be starting on a foot health journey that will undoubtedly lead to a better health outcome in the years to come. Transdisciplinary health management is the primary health care direction of the future. Are you ready to board that train? Doctors will allow up to 5 Podiatry visits under the Enhanced Primary Care program for Type 2 Diabetes Patients, and we do bulk bill for these visits.