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I recommend not delaying a move to good health habits for healthy feet. The link between climate change and global health could not be, in any time of history, more evident than now. We are experiencing an increase in overweight and obese community members, on a scale that relates directly back to our pre-packaged lifestyles. We have access to pre packaged and processed foods,that reflect a lifestyle intertwined with a society that condones over consumption of readily available food. It is our responsibility to take charge of our own direction and ensure a better health outcome for ourselves, and our families. Millions of hours of work time are lost in the workforce, due to illness that is related to our rising chronic disease problems.

Examples of this are found in the rising incidence of Heart disease, Diabetes, peripheral vascular and neuropathic disease, and weight problems. The impact on foot health can be extreme, carrying extra weight can structurally change the feet in undesirable ways. The presence of Diabetes can create problems with vascular and neurological function in the feet, and predispose a patient to higher risk of infection, and risk of amputations in the lower limb. Heart disease can threaten to reduce mobility that can lead to many problems with walking.

For these reasons we need to identify the necessary changes that need to take place in our outlook on maintaining independence and mobility. It is necessary to have management plans and education sessions put into place, to address the underlying belief patterns, that are leading to lifestyle imbalances. Without adequate exercise and controlled energy intake in the form of food, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy direction for goot foot health outcomes. Come and see me, and no matter what age you are, we can arrange a full assessment of your present position, and show you how to change that direction, to allow you to be the Captain and Master of your long term foot health. Remember, life is not a dress rehearsal, any delay in addressing the required direction changes delays progress.