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Ebook “The Power of Activity”  on Special


It may be running through your mind at this moment, “I must arrange my day with more activity in it”. So let’s celebrate 2017 with a resolution to move more, and resist the temptation to remain a couch potato. Approximately 78 percent of us in Australia are not getting enough activity in our daily lives. By going to immediately, as a new year resolution I present you with a US$2.99 offer of my ebook “Let’s learn about Power of Activity”.  This will be available for all of January & February at this reduced price.  (Normally US$9.99) You will join me on a journey to a new way of organising and exploring your daily activity. Forget excuses such as “I can’t find the time” or “I should have started years ago”. Harness the power. Share it with family and friends. Spread the story. It’s true, a more active life will lead to helping achieve a longer life. Forget  excuses such as your weight or present couch potato lifestyle, come and join me. Then tell me in 6 weeks through an online review, what has changed for you. Welcome to the power of activity!